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Mr. Norbert D'souza
(Fitness Consultant) ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer & Specialist in Exercise Therapy
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Norbert D'Souza holds a Personal Trainer Certification and a Specialist in Exercise Therapy Certification from the USA-based ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). Prior to having obtained these updated, international certifications, Norbert did a course in Fitness Management and Exercise Techniques at the acclaimed Leena Mogre's Fitness Academy, Mumbai, as he began his foray into the world of fitness way back in 1999.

Norbert's initiation into the world of health and fitness started as he decided, like all wiry teens, to develop a body to be proud of! As his confidence seared, he was propelled deeper into the fitness scene as he won gold medals at Inter-College and State-level Bodybuilding and Power-lifting Competitions. He also represented the state of Goa at National Bodybuilding Championships across the country over a period of 3 years when in College.

A commerce graduate, and fitness not being accorded professional status two decades ago, Norbert was compelled to take up employment at a nationalized bank in the State. However, his interest in fitness was not overshadowed by his 10 to 5 job at the bank. Rather, the long hours seated at a desk impelled him to plunge even more into exercise, as the sight of the pot-bellied gentlemen he spent his working hours with did not bring the requisite smile to his face, and he definitely did not wish to be known as "that Paunchy Banker"!!

Juggling his hours at the bank with a structured workout each day helped Norbert maintain a fitness level that he can boast of till today. Taking his love for fitness a step further, Norbert took over the reigns of one of Goa's first state-of-the-art gyms as he divided his time between the bank and his passion - his gym! Wishing to dispel the perception that gyms were for bodybuilders, Norbert strove day and night to establish the integral nature of gyms as he designed special weight loss, weight gain and body toning programmes to suit all ages and both genders. He encouraged apprehensive people to enroll for his "general fitness" and "fit over fifty" programmes, as he sought to spread the message of health and fitness for all.

Wishing to infuse the young and old, males and females with his zest for health and fitness, Norbert took upon himself the challenge of promoting fitness for all across the length and breadth of Goa by contributing weekly articles on the subject to Goa's leading dailies - the Navhind Times and the O Herald. He today answers fitness-related queries on the "Weekender", a Sunday supplement of the Gomantak Times. Norbert has also been instrumental in educating the masses through the visual media via his programme "Fitness Mantra" aired on HCN. He is also very active electronically as he disseminates advice on fitness through his Facebook page and encourages discussions on health, exercise, diet and more.

Constantly updating his fitness knowledge and caving in to his inner voice, Norbert decided that the time was ripe to take the big leap in 2008, as he resigned from his comfortable job at the bank and plunged headlong into fitness as a career and business, a decision he does not regret as he revels in the satisfaction of having made a huge difference to the lives of thousands of the Goan populace.

Norbert's passion for fitness as a youngster has led him to where he is today - at the helm of 3 business houses under the banner of Norbert's Fitness Studio, and seeking to expand even more in the not too distant future. "Shape your will..and your body will follow!" is Norbert's sincere advice to all those sitting on the fence regarding getting into shape, as he promotes fitness as a way of life and not merely a temporary arrangement to meet a health target!