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9 Weeks - 9 Kg Weight Loss
With the 9 weeks workout, it takes 2 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 5 weeks for your friends to notice, & 9 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Give it 9 weeks. Don't Quit!
12 Weeks - 12 Kg Super Fat Blaster Program
The Program provides 12 weeks' worth of strength, cardio ad flexibility excercises, as well as nutrition and motivational tips. There are only 6 days of programming for each week - the 7th day is the rest day.. and it very important to help you rejuvenate and get ack to the programme with vigour !
30 days - 30 Workouts - 5 Kg Weight loss
Break the monotony...make exercising fun, strip the fat, be lighter by 5 kilos.
21 Days - Journey to Excellence - Lose 4 kils in 21 days
Turbo - Charge your Metabolism, sculpt your body, burn off fat and develop unstoppable motivation...100% guarantee, You'll be FIT AND HEALTHY for life !
14 Days 3 Kg Weight Loss
Learn how to Turbo - Charge Your Metabolism, Sculpt Your Body, Burn off Fat And Develop Unstoppable Motivation...100% Guarantee.. You'll be FIT AND HEALTHY For Life.
7 Days 2 Kg Weight Loss
An easy-to-follow workout plan for every day of the week. Discover fat-blasting, toning exercises that target specific areas of the body and help you lose those last 2 kilos that will never bother you again!
8 Weeks 8 Kg Body Transformation Program
( Lose 8 Kg & 3+ inches of Your Waist & Hips )
The key to getting lean is losing fat WITHOUT losing muscle. Losing weight does not necessarily mean you will achieve a lean body; hence we push you to burn the fat with our secret ingredient - MOTIVATION. Our personal trainers will oversee and motivate you to perform each and every exercise set and rep to complete failure and will ensure you stay on track for the long haul.
6 Weeks 6 Kg H.A.B.I.Ts Program
( Lose 6 Kg & 3+ inches of Your Waist, Abs & Thighs )
"H.A.B.I.Ts" refers to the areas of bodily concern to a majority of women -Hips, Abdominals, Butt, and Inner Thighs. The 6 weeks "H.A.B.I.Ts" program includes the right moves to help streamline your hips, waist, and thighs, & also has super-fast cardio fat-blasters to minimize a bottom-heavy body!
Metabolism Booster Workout for Women
(4 weeks - 4 kg Fat Blasting Routine)
Want to rev up your metabolism and reduce body fat faster? Opt for this metabolic conditioning Program ! This whole body, high intensity; interval- style training improves muscular endurance and increases metabolism. Exclusive Program for Women. Program Duration : 4 weeks, Lose 4+ kgs and boost metabolism, Program time : 10.30 am to 12.00 noon only, Personal Training at no extra cost!
8 Weeks to flatter Abs
( The Ultimate 4+ inches Loss Ab-buster Program )
You need to understand that whether or not you can "see" your abs boils down to one thing, and one thing only - IS YOUR BODY FAT PERCENTAGE LOW ENOUGH TO REVEAL YOUR ABDOMINAL ASSETS? Abdominal muscles don't even start getting defined and visible for most people until their body fat percentage touches a figure of less than 10% for men and 15% for women.
6 Weeks 6 Kg Upper Body Slim-Trim Program
( Combat the fat of your Back, Shoulders, Arms & Abs )
The upper body can be an area of frustration for some people. Whether you want to get rid of your flabby arms in time for a special event or decrease the fat on your back, slimming down the upper body can be a frustrating experience if you go about it in the wrong way.
4 Weeks - 4 Kg "No Weights" Workout
( A combination of Cardio, Freehand & Calisthenics )
Get ready to discover the "short burst exercise system" that promises to help you boost your metabolism, escalate your fat loss, and burn belly fat.