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Convenient eating has become a way of living, and this dependence on nutritionally sub-standard foods has brought in its wake a slew of modern day diseases. Dietary modifications in such a scenario become extremely vital to maintaining health.

At Norbert's Fitness Studio, the emphasis is on teaching individuals and families to follow healthy eating habits and patterns as a routine and not merely to meet the objective of a programme enrolled for. We prefer to use the term "healthy eating plan" for the meal and menu pattern suggested during the course of your programme with us. "Diet" often (erroneously) brings to mind "starvation" and "restriction", and we seek to dispel the notion from people's minds that weight loss is all about "dieting". We emphasize wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals with guidance on food combinations, quantities, appetizing food preparations and variety. We believe that the dietary suggestions we make can be incorporated by the whole family, thereby discounting the oft-perceived need to "cook separately" for the person on a weight loss programme. The diet plans for individuals on any programme are suitably modified to meet medical concerns of members as well as their tastes and customs. We do not believe in short-term weight loss, inch loss or weight gain, and our diet plans reflect the same by way of encouraging one to eat healthy for life.

At Norbert's Fitness Studio, as you enjoy each day of your workout, you will also be motivated to look forward to your next healthy meal. Norbert's Fitness Studio also offers Diet Consultation services to non-members for all kinds of medical and non-medical problems such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, Kidney ailments, Liver disorders, Gout, Anemia, PCOD, Gastrointestinal problems, Thyroid imbalances, Pregnancy, Childhood concerns, etc.