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Your Gateway to Health, Norbert’s scientifically designed exercise programmes deliver the finest results coupled with the most spirited experience.

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Norbert's Fitness Studio

Gyms Across Goa!

Membership in one gym gives access to gyms in other locations too.

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So you never miss a workout no matter what your schedule is!

No shortage of Dumbbells, Barbells, and Machines

Top-tier, high-quality gym equipment that satisfies all your weight training and cardio needs.

Nutrition and Workout Plans that deliver results!

Well thought out diet plans and exercise routines that guarantee results. All we need is your commitment!

More than just a Gym!

Kickboxing, CrossFit, Zumba, Swimming, In-door Sports and other styles of training.

Knowledgeable and Supportive Trainers

Personal assistance and training for those you need it the most.

Gyms All Over Goa

  • Canacona
  • Dona Paula
  • Mapusa
  • Margao
  • Panjim
  • Ponda
  • Porvorim
  • St. Inez
  • Vasco

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, Canacona

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, Dona Paula

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, Mapusa

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, Margao

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio 24x7, Panjim

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, Ponda

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, Porvorim

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, St. Inez

Facilities at Norbert's Fitness Studio, Vasco

We Shape Lives… Not Just Bodies!

Founded by Norbert D’Souza in 2008, Norbert’s Fitness Studio caters to the health and fitness needs of individuals across ages and reasons.

A vital part of exercising is being guided on healthy eating. The dietary component at Norbert’s Fitness Studio is managed by Clinical Nutritionist Sheryl Afonso e D’Souza.

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Pranav Lotlikar
Pranav Lotlikar
Pranav Lotlikar
Pranav Lotlikar
Pranav Lotlikar